Development board for PIC16F690 with Nordic RF modules   

Microchip PIC16F690 microcontroller in DIP20 package
Silabs CP2102 USB to UART bridge onboard link
Include a Nordic nRF905 wireless module
Compatible with Nordic nRF2401 2.4GHz wireless module
Four debug LEDs, 10k trimmer, & a software configurable RESET/IO button
Run all applications from Microchip PICKit 2 Starter Kit Lessons link
Compatible with PICKit 2 programmer
Cable included for direct ICD2 connection
Connection for battery holder available for mobile applications
Prototype areas for both SMD and DIP components available
PCB: FR-4, 1.6mm, size: 78x70mm

Document & Software    

Doc 01




Doc 02 Users' Guide (prelim version 1.0) 2.5MB  
Doc 03 Picture with nRF905_MOD 172KB  
Doc 04 Picture with nRF905_MOD+ 163KB  
Doc 05 Picture with nRF2401_MOD 98KB  
Doc 06 Hello World 16KB  
Doc 07 LED Rotate demonstration 192KB  
Doc 08 UART Demo in PICCLite 35KB
Doc 09 nRF905 Tx demo in PICCLite 48KB  
Doc 10 nRF905 Rx demo in PICCLite 57KB  
Doc 11 Nordic nRF905 433/868/915MHz RF transceiver (link to Nordic web) 502KB  


Item description Development board for PIC16F690 with nRF905
Part number nRF_CB_Eval_1a
Price HK$460.00 with nRF905 wireless module included
  US$59.00 with nRF905 wireless module included
Freight charge US$10 for registered air parcel
Ordering method email us to order
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