TechToys Co. provides hardware prototyping, firmware
 development, and engineering consultant services.

 Hardware Prototyping: No matter it is through-hole or SMD components, no
 matter it is only a single piece, or
 small volume production. Options
 of a full drawing package of hardware
 layout, schematics, CAD files and
 gerber files. Maybe it is just a hand-
 solder job, small-volume SMD
 mounted PCB, or large-scaled
 production, we would be able to help.
 Picture on the right shows one of our
 job, double-sided 1.0mm PCB, with
 mcu, 320x240 graphical LCD display
 ASIC, and infra-red sensing and
 emitting circuit.
 PCB size: 102mm x 78mm
 Components on board: 91
 Connections: 292
 Tracks: 10910 tracks, manual routed

 Firmware development: Specialized in Microchip PICxx & TI MSP430.
 With full documentations including an abstract, workflow, calling hierarchy and
 commented source. All development in C language for portability. Pictures below
 show the frontal side of the PCB above, with firmware developed for a learning
 universal remote control for severe physically-disabled persons.