AT89C51RB2 Evaluation Board with 65k Color LCD Module     

AT89C51RB2 microcontroller running at Vcc=3.3V
Use the same PCB as AT89S52-gLCD-STK1 sharing all demonstration source code with AT89S52
65k color LCD module of part number CM50010ACT6_BO included
In-system programming (ISP) port compatible with ATMEL FLIP
AMS1117-3.3V Low dropout voltage regulator to convert 5.0V ~ 7.5V DC to 3.3V regulated DC power for the whole board
Sensirion SHT10 digital humidity and temperature sensor
Philips PCF8563 Real-time-clock with 0.047F super cap for power backup
Atmel 24C256 EEPROM (256kbits, 32kbyte)
5-way navigator joystick
Piezo sounder with amplification circuit
40-pin IDE-cable compatible extension port for xdata ROM/RAM extension. Selection jumper for EA pin shorted to ground or +3.3V available
Crystal frequency in 11.0592MHz for all baud rate options with FLIP
Device in socket for no-solder crystal replacement for other CPU-clock speed
1.6mm double-side PCB with silk-screen printing, size 125mmx88mm

Document & Software    

Doc 01




Doc 02 AT89C51RB2 datasheet 1.7MB  
Doc 03

Users' Guide



Doc 04 Keil C51 Demo Software link    
Doc 05 Blink LED demo application 16KB  
Doc 06 Buzzer demo application 22KB  
Doc 07 Color LCD display demo application (samsung) 92KB  
Doc 08 SHT10 temperature & humidity sensor 320.8KB
Doc 09 nRF905 module Transmit demo 39.1KB  
Doc 10 nRF905 module Receive demo 227.1KB
Doc 11 Color LCD display demo application (Hyvix  HDC1600 LCD controller) 59KB  


Item description AT89C51RB2 Evaluation Board with CM50010ACT6_BO
Part number AT89C51RB2_3V3_EVAL
  Item discontinued
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