OmniVision CMOS Camera Modules     

Three OmniVision color CMOS cameras of 1.3MegaPixel  & 2MegaPixel
The OV9653 CAMERACHIP supports SXGA resolution up to 1280x1024 pixels
The OV2640 supports up to UXGA (1600x1200) resolution
The OV2643 supports 720p HD video recording at 30 frames per second with
excellent sensitivity and high quality image capture
Single PCB supporting all three cameras with different *BOM
2.00mm pin headers for all pins
Double layer PCB of 27x42mm in 1.00mm thickness
*BOM : U2 and C4 are different. 
Please refer to schematic for details

Document & Software    

Doc 01 Schematic of the breakout board 18 KB


Doc 02 Datasheet (OV9653) 470 KB  
Doc 03 Datasheet (OV2640) 520 KB  
Doc 04 Datasheet (OV2643) 888 KB  
Doc 05 Interface with SSD1928 Image Processor link    
Doc 06 Interface with Microchip PIC32 MCU pending    
Doc 07 Image capture with Freescale's processor 287 KB  


Item description OV9653 CMOS camera module with breakout board
Part number CMOS_OV9653_BO_PCBRev25022013
Price US$19.90
Item description OV2640 CMOS camera module with breakout board
Part number CMOS_OV2640_BO_PCBRev25022013
Price US$22.90
Item description OV2643 CMOS camera module with breakout board
Part number CMOS_OV2643_BO_PCBRev25022013
Price US$25.90
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