Evaluation kit of Solomon SSD1928 Image Processor     

Supports both RAM-less RGB screen (8-bit serial TFT interface) -and-
smart LCD (8-bit MCU interface) on the same testing platform
Includes a 3.5" high-brightness QVGA 8-bit serial color TFT
Includes a 1.5" OLED display to demonstrate MCU interface
8-bit or 16-bit host interface selected via dip switch
SD Card interface for image storage
High voltage 20mA LED backlight driver onboard
Circuit for battery operation onboard
2.00mm female header for CMOS Camera interface
Interface to any MCU platform via 2.54mm pin headers
e.g. Stellaris LM4F120
Every kit includes a MCU board with demo program preloaded
Optional Hirose FX10A socket for Microchip PIC32 Starter kits
Optional 1.3Mpixel (OV9653), 2MPixel (OV2643 & OV2640) camera modules
Setup with OLED, 3.5" QVGA TFT, and cmos camera module connected

Document & Software    

Doc 01 Schematic (Rev 2.4B) 95 KB


Doc 02 3.5" high brightness TFT screen 1,347 KB  
Doc 03 1.5" OLED display 1,949 KB  
Doc 04 Edge Detection with SSD1928 and dsPIC 1,430 KB  
Doc 05 Firmware (Build 31052013) 2,404 KB
  Remark on running the firmware 639 KB  
Doc 06 Schematic of PIC32MX150 MCU host 20 KB  
Doc 07 SSD1928 datasheet 273 KB  
Doc 08 SSD1928 register map and app note 2,857 KB  
Doc 09 SD card connection using SSD192x 258 KB  
Doc 10 JPEG decoder using SSD192x 104 KB  
Doc 11 JPEG encoder using SSD192x 89 KB  
Doc 12 Firmware update to encode and store jpeg images in SD card. Readme.doc browse to 4th Jan 2014 for instructions 46 KB  


Item description Evaluation kit for Solomon SSD1928 Image Processor
Part number SSD1928EVK_PCBR24B
Price US$79.00
Item description Evaluation kit for Solomon SSD1928 Image Processor with
  FX10A onboard for Microchip PIC32 Starter Kits
Part number SSD1928EVK_FX10A_PCBR24B
Price US$89.00
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