PIC18LF4550 for USB applications w/ 65k Color LCD module   

Microchip PIC18LF4550 in TQFP44 lead package
Crystal frequency of 20MHz plus 32.768kHz for RTC applications
65k CSTN 1.8" 128*RGB*160 color LCD onboard
National LM2665 charge pump for LCD backlight
USB 2.0 Full Speed : compatible with Microchip FDFSUSB Windows application
USB Mass Storage Device with SD card : compatible with Microchip AN1003
Sensirion SHT10 digital temperature and humidity sensor
Sipex SP3232 for RS232 communication and program debug
5-way navigator joystick wired to RB4-7 for interrupt-on-change experiment
10k trimmer for ADC experiment
4x LEDs wired to RD0-RD3
2.54mm header for all 44 mcu pins for logic analyzer or DSO probe
Buzzer with amplification circuit
Microchip ICD2 compatible
PCB: FR-4, 1.6mm, size: 125x100mm

Document & Software    

Doc 01




Doc 02 Users' Guide    
Doc 03 HDC1600 (65k color LCD controller) 623KB  
Doc 04 Blink LED & Buzzer example 26KB  
Doc 05 UART example 33KB  
Doc 06 Timer0 interrupt example 27KB  
Doc 07 Real-time temperature and humidity displayed on LCD (version 1.0a) 129KB
Doc 08 65k color LCD demo (version 1.0a) 281KB
Doc 09 Test with Nordic RF module nRF905_MOD 353KB
Doc 10 5-way navigation joystick demo 412KB
Doc 11 Compatible with PICDEM FS USB 3.4MB link
Doc 12 Compatible with Microchip MSD Firmware   link  
Doc 13 USB Device Viewer Software 164KB  
Doc 14 Utility to convert color bmp file to *.h file 154KB
Doc 15 Archive for Samsung LCD controller 1.6MB  
Doc 16 Digital contrast adjustment for color LCD 95KB


Item description Development board for PIC18LF4550 & 65k CSTN color LCD
Part number PIC18-LF4550-STK1 (Rev 3b)
Ordering method This version has been discontinued.
  Please consider a new version at link