OmniVision OV9650 1.3MPixel color CMOS Camera Module     

OmniVision OV9650 Color CMOS SXGA 1.3MegaPixel CAMERACHIP
Single-chip SXGA resolution up to 1280x1024 pixels
Onboard 1.8V and 2.5V LDO regulator for single 3.3V operation
2.00mm header for prototype
This version will be replaced by a new version. Link
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Document & Software    

Doc 01 OV9650 Product Brief 178 KB


Doc 02 OV9650 Register Set 789 KB  
Doc 03 HDF50/3-D Module Specifications 102 KB  
Doc 04 OV9650 Application Note 508 KB  
Doc 05 Interface OV96xx camera with Freescale 287 KB  
Doc 06 BT.601 on Wiki 23 KB  
Doc 07 BT.656 on Wiki 23 KB  
Doc 08 Schematic 17 KB  
Doc 9 Demo project driven by link    
  Solomon SSDS1928 Image Processor      


Item description OV9650/3 1.3MPixel color CMOS camera module
with breakout board
Part number OV9650BO R1B
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  New version available. Link