3.2" 262k TFT Color LCD module with Touch Panel on PCB     

3.2" QVGA 262k TFT-LCD module
240*RGB*320 pixels
8-bit or 16-bit parallel bus interface
LCD driver is ILI9320 link
2.7-3.3V operating voltage
MOSFET backlight control
Driver directly compatible with Microchip GUI library link
Include a 32MB NAND Flash download
Resistive 4-wire Touch Panel integrated
ADS7846 touch panel controller onboard link
Standard 2.54mm PCB headers for prototyping

Document & Software    

Doc 01 Schematic (Rev 2C) 25 KB


Doc 02 Dimension 19 KB  
Doc 03 Primitive Demo for Microchip GUI library 550 KB
Doc 04 Result of running the Primitive Demo 221 KB  
Doc 05 Manual - port to Microchip GUI Library 2,330 KB  
Doc 06 Landscape driver for Microchip Graphics 8 KB  
  Library provided by Róbert Juhász      
Doc 07 Data sheet of LCD module 124 KB  
Doc 08 Demo with LED backlight intensity control 567 KB
  for board version 2C      
Doc 09 Primitive Demo using discrete I/O method 588 KB
Doc 10 NAND Flash Driver   link  
Doc 11 Touch panel demo using Microchip 583 KB
  Graphics library (Landscape orientation)      
Doc 12 Evaluation board for Microchip PIC24   link  
Doc 13 Evaluation board for ARM NXP LPC2103   link  
Doc 14 Run Microchip Graphics Library for PIC18  


Item description 3.2" QVGA 262K TFT-LCD with Touch Panel on PCB
  32MB NAND Flash and ADS7846E Touch Panel Controller incl.
Part number TY320T_240320_BO (Rev 2C)
  Replaced by 3.5" 16.7M color TFT LCD with Touch Panel link