PIC24FJ128GA010 Evaluation Board with 262k TFT color LCD  

Microchip PIC24FJ128GA010 in TQFP100 lead package
AMS1117-3.3V regulator onboard accepts 5V - 7.5V (max)
Double row 2.54mm PCB headers make prototyping easy
Microchip ICD2 compatible
PICkit 2 programmer compatible link
Free 20 pcs single position 0.100" (2.54mm) cable for solderless prototyping
Built-in header compatible with 2.4" TFT module and 2.8" TFT module
SD Card socket
UART interface via SIPEX SP3232
5-way navigator joystick
SPI eeprom for storage of touch screen calibration data
Extension header directly compatible with Nordic nRF905 wireless module
and a SHT1x digital temp. & RH sensor module
PCB: Double side FR-4, 1.6mm, size: 170x103mm

Document & Software    

Doc 01

Schematic (3 pages) updated 28 Aug 08

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Doc 02 Board layout : a high resolution picture 414 KB  
Doc 03 User Guide 1,815 KB  
Doc 04 Hello World 79 KB  
Doc 05 Demo program for 2.4" TFT LCD module 521 KB  
Doc 06  Demo program for 3.2" TFT LCD module 550 KB  
Doc 07 NAND Flash Driver 423 KB
Doc 08 Demo for matrix keypad (pending)      
Doc 09 QA program for 3.2" LCD with Touch Panel 1,230 KB
Doc 10 QA program for 2.4" LCD 893 KB  
Doc 11 Demo for SD card - FAT File System 260 KB
Doc 12 Audio beep for touch panel (pending)      
Doc 13 NAND Flash for picture storage (pending)      
Doc 14 FreeRTOS port (pending)      
Doc 15 nRF905 433MHz module (pending)      
Doc 16 nRF24L01 2.4GHz module (pending)      
Doc 17 QA program for 2.8" LCD with Touch Panel (updated 3 Sept 08) 1,022 KB
Doc 18 Primitive demo for 2.8" color TFT LCD 925 KB  
Doc 19 QA program for 3.5" TFT LCD demo 522 KB
Doc 20 Demo using Touch Panel for 3.5" TFT
Port for Microchip Graphics demo AN1136
Microchip Library Version 1.60
TechToys version 180309
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Item description Evaluation board for PIC24FJ128GA010 - Board B2 Rev B
Part number PIC24-Eval-B2 (Rev B)
Price US$59.00
Ordering This board has been replaced by PIC24 Eval Version C2 link
Optional items 2.4" 262k color LCD module link
  2.8" 262k color LCD with Touch Panel integrated link
  3.5" 16.7M color LCD with Touch Panel module link
  nRF905 wireless module link
  SHT1x digital temperature and humidity sensor module link