Evaluation Board for Microchip 100-Pin General Purpose MCU   

Evaluation platform for Microchip 100-Pin General Purpose Microcontrollers
Four ordering options for PIC24, PIC32 Microcontrollers, or Plug-In-Module
Microchip ICD2 compatible
PICkit 2 programmer compatible link
Built-in header compatible with all our TFT color LCD modules
Free 20 pcs single position 0.100" (2.54mm) cable for solderless prototyping
SD Card socket
UART interface via SIPEX SP3232
Atmel AT25256A SPI EEPROM for storage of calibration data
Extension header directly compatible with Nordic nRF905 wireless module
and SHT1x digital temp. & RH sensor module
Extension header directly compatible with Nordic nRF24L01+ wireless module
Buzzer, LED, trimmer, and tact switches
PCB: Double side FR-4, 1.6mm, size: 170x110mm

Document & Software    

Doc 01

Schematic (3 pages) updated 13 Jan 09

94 KB

Doc 02 Board layout : a high resolution picture 502 KB  
Doc 03 User Guide (version 070409) 1,640 KB  
Doc 04 Hello World 39 KB  
Doc 05 2.4" TFT LCD demo: PIC24 series 918 KB  
Doc 06 2.8" TFT LCD demo: PIC24FJ128xx 962 KB  
Doc 07 3.5" TFT LCD demo: PIC24FJ128xx 613 KB  
Doc 08 Demo for SD card - FAT File System 194 KB
Doc 09 Movie demo by Muller Fabrice (QT movie) 8,831 KB
Doc 10 Blinky demo for PIC32MX360F512L (MPLAB 8.20 or higher required for ICD2) 43 KB  
Doc 11 2.8" Touch Panel Demo for PIC24FJ128xx 1,035 KB
Doc 12 Primitive 2.8" TFT LCD demo: PIC24FJ256GA110 (revised 13 Feb 09) 1,058 KB
Doc 13 3.5" TFT LCD demo with life video & animation: PIC24FJ256GA110 755 KB  
Doc 14 3D Cube Demo for 2.8" TFT LCD on PIC24FJ256xx by Emmanuel 693 KB  
Doc 15 Primitive Demo for 3.5" TFT LCD
MCU: PIC32MX & PIC24 series
Microchip Graphics Library version 1.60
TechToys Version 140309
1,834 KB  
Doc 16 BreakOut Game donated by Muller Fabrice
Project for PIC32MX with 3.5" TFT
1,003 KB
Doc 17 Lunar Lander donated by Muller Fabrice
Project for PIC32MX with 3.5" TFT
1,072 KB  
Doc 18 Image Decoders Demo for 3.5" TFT
MCU: PIC32MX & PIC24 series
1,356 KB  
Doc 19 QA for 3.5" TFT LCD Module
CMOS Cam, Virtual Display, Image Codec
MCU: PIC32MX &  PIC24FJ series
TechToys version 230509
1,930 KB
Doc 20 Demo using Touch Panel for 2.8" TFT
Port for Microchip Graphics
Demo AN1136 & Image Decoder
MCU: PIC32MX & PIC24 series
1,957 KB
Doc 21 WinPaint program for PIC24FJ256GA110
Hand-writing on 3.5" Touch Panel
Author: Mohammad Kouchekzadeh
262 KB
Doc 22 Display JPEG & BMP images from SD Card
MCU: PIC32MX & PIC24 series
LCD supported: 3.5", 2.8", & 2.4" TFT
1,751 KB
Doc 23 Demo to use 1.3MPixel CMOS camera
on 3.5" TFT LCD module (LVC75Z779)
MCU: PIC32MX & PIC24 series
1,563 KB
Doc 24 Problem with ICD2/3 debug for PIC24FJxx 148 KB  


Item description Evaluation board for Microchip 100-Pin General Purpose MCU
  Note on different ordering options link
Ordering Please consider the new version PIC2432 EVK RD4 link
Freight charge US$6 for registered air parcel
  email us to order if you want to ship by EMS SpeedPost
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