Microchip PIC18F67J50 USB MCU with 1.5" OLED color display  

Evaluation kit for Microchip PIC18F67J50 USB MCU
Onboard 1.5" 262k OLED color display (Solomon SSD1355)
3*1.5V AAA battery operated with USB power option
MicroSD socket for USB Mass Storage
16 Mbits serial Flash memory
Tri-color ultra-bright LED
5-way joystick with 4x3 numeric keypad
Buzzer onboard for audio feedback
32.768kHz crystal connected to Timer1 clock input for Real-time-clock apps
Unlimited expansion from a 2x22 2.00mm receptacle
123x56mm board size ideal for mobile applications

Document & Software    

Doc 01

Schematic (5 pages)

90 KB

Doc 02 User's Guide (Rev1.0) 1.6 MB  
Doc 03 Simple IO Demo 17 KB  
Doc 04 USB Bootloader 402 KB
Doc 05 USB Mass Storage - SD Card reader      
Doc 06 USB Device - HID - Joystick      
Doc 07 USB Device - CDC - Basic Demo      
Doc 08 USB Device - Composite - WinUSB + MSD      
Doc 09 OLED Keypad Demo      
Doc 10 * Source code for Doc 05-09 now online 55 MB  
Doc 11 Soft power on/off like a mobile phone 61 KB
Doc 12 How it works with Universal Learning Remote Controller (ULRC) 1260 KB  
* CD-ROM is not included as all contents      
  are now available here      


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