MIPI-Touch DVK is a development kit designed for kick-starting MIPI design.
This kit consists of an application module with a 1.54" 240x240 LCD with
capacitive touch panel and a SSD2805 MIPI master bridge breakout board.
 nRF8001 Bluetooth Smart Connectivity IC is onboard of the application
module for wearable application development.
Firmware example includes porting SSD2805 for STM32F429 Cortex-M4 MCU
with 2D graphics accelerator running TouchGFX graphical framework.
TouchGFX is a software framework to let you create sophisticated GUIs
of today's smartphone standard without overhead of using Linux or Android.
Smooth animation is acheived by double buffering with low-resource
hardware with or without a RTOS.
TouchGFX Small Demo 2014 in action
TouchGFX Swipe Analog Clock demo in action
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Document & Software    

 Doc 01  User's Guide (read me first) 2.5MB  
Doc 02 SSD2805 MIPI Bridge (Release 3) 44 KB


Doc 03 LH154Q01-Touch app. module schematic 84 KB
Doc 04 nRF8001 Bluetooth Smart onboard of LH154Q01-Touch 98 KB  
Doc 05 Adapter board for STM32F429 Discovery 22 KB  
Doc 06 1.54" LH154Q01 display module 261 KB
Doc 07 SSD2805CG39 application notes 1.9 MB  


Item description SSD2805 MIPI Master Bridge with 1.54" CTP MIPI LCD
(MIPI-Touch DVK)
Part number SSD2805MIPI-LH154Q01-CTP
Price US$88.00 packing list
Item descripton MIPI-Touch DVK with STM32F429I-DISCO bundle
(Everything you need to start TouchGFX development)
Part number SSD2805MIPI-LH154Q01-CTP-STM32F429DISCO
Price US$130.00 packing list
Freight charge US$10-15 for registered air parcel** for all countries
  **Standard shipping method is registered air parcel
  Shipping time varies from 2-4 weeks
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Optional items Adapter board for STM32F429I Discovery Kit (DTE 20160128)
  Part #: ADPT-STM32F429i-disco-DTE20160128
  Price: US$9.00 packing list
  LH154Q01-CTP with nRF8001 Bluetooth Smart Application
  Part #: LH154Q01-CTP-nRF8001-DTE20150910
Price: US$49.00 packing list
  SSD2805 MIPI Bridge Breakout Board Release 3
(PCB DTE 20160113)
  Part #:SSD2805-BO-R3-DTE20160113
  Price: US$39.00 packing list
  LH154Q01-CTP 1.54" 240xRGBx240 pixels MIPI Display
with Capacitive Touch Panel
  Part #: LH154Q01-CTP packing list
Price: US$18.00
  SSD2805 MIPI Bridge IC in 64TFBGA Package (RoHS)
  Part #: SSD2805CG39R Link