Evaluation board for Solomon SSD1963 Display Controller    

Evaluation board for Solomon SSD1963 Display Controller compatible with
Microchip PIC32 Starter Kit, USB Starter Kit, & Ethernet Starter
Samtec receptacle compatible with Microchip Explorer 16
Each purchase option is bundled with a small PCB with breakout in 2.54mm
pin headers for all interface signals for your own MCU
VLSI's VS1003B MP3 codec IC onboard
Wifi module (footprint only) for wireless LAN demonstration and applications
MicroSD socket for mass storage
22V high current boost LED driver with user selectable bias current
Hirose header for TFT panels
A 4-layer design ensure better signal integrity and noise control
Connect to your own TFT with Universal TFT Adapter Kit
Compatible with any of the Microchip PIC32 Starter Kits

Connect with Explorer 16
Connect with our own PIC board

An example to connect with a 4.3" TFT

Document & Software    

Doc 01 Schematic of SSD1963 controller board 100 KB


Doc 02 Schematic of 8-bit MCU host board 35 KB


Doc 03

Schematic of TFT adapter

13 KB  
Doc 04 Firmware (Rev 14112012) includes: 21,175 KB  
  * External Memory Demo      
  * MP3/WAV/MIDI playback from SD Card      

* Decode & display JPEG from SD Card


* GUI with Resistive Touch Panel


* Primitive Graphics


* Tearing Effect

Doc 05 User Guide 4,837 KB  
Doc 06 Note to customers using PIC32 USB SKII 112 KB  
Doc 07 Tearing Effect with Solomon SSD1963 1,561 KB  
Doc 08 Pixel Clock setup for SSD1963 315 KB  
Doc 09 Data sheet of SSD1963 Rev1.2 997 KB  
Doc 10 Original Solomon App Note 522 KB  
Doc 11 TCP/IP demo with wireless network
For an old board version
but it is similar on Ultima (page 12-19)
3,444 KB  


Item description Evaluation board for Solomon SSD1963 Display Controller  
Order options    
1 Solomon SSD1963 Display Controller kit packing list  
  Part #: SSD1963EVK Ultima R4.1  
  Price : US$69.00
2 Bundle SSD1963EVK Ultima R4.1 + 4.3" WQVGA color TFT with Touch panel packing list  
  Part# : SSD1963EVK Ultima R4.1-TY430TFT  
  Price : US$89.00
3 Bundle SSD1963EVK Ultima R4.1 + 7" WVGA color TFT
(no Touch Panel)
  Part#: SSD1963EVK Ultima R4.1-TY700TFT  
  Price: US$99.00
4 Bundle SSD1963EVK Ultima R4.1 + 7" WVGA color TFT with
Touch Panel (TP) packing list

New Touch Panel is fitted. Please read document here.
  Part# : SSD1963EVK Ultima R4.1-TY700TFT_TP  
  Price : US$109.00
  7" TFT with Touch Panel is connected by an adapter included  
  in the part number SSD1963EVK Ultima R4.1-TY700TFT_TP  
  Click picture icons above for TP adapter
Universal TFT Adapter Kit for SSD1963EVK Ultima R4.1  
  Part# : SSD1963EVK-UTFT-ADPT  
  Price : US$4.00
  Universal TFT adapter kit has been included in every part number above.  
Freight charge US$10-20 for registered air parcel for all countries  
  *Standard shipping method is registered air parcel  
  Shipping time varies from 2-4 weeks  
  email us to order if a faster service by EMS/DHL required  
Optional Items SSD1963QL9 Display Controller in LQFP-128 package link  
  Evaluation board for Microchip PIC32MX360F512L link  
  4.3" WQVGA color TFT-LCD module with Touch Panel link  
  5" WVGA color TFT-LCD module with Touch Panel link  
  7" WVGA color TFT-LCD module w/wo Touch Panel link