PIC18LF4550 for USB applications w/ 262k Color LCD module   

Microchip PIC18LF4550 in TQFP44 lead package
Crystal frequency of 20MHz
2.54mm header directly compatible with our TFT color LCD modules
USB 2.0 Full Speed : compatible with Microchip FDFSUSB Windows application
USB Mass Storage Device with SD card : compatible with Microchip AN1003
5-way navigator joystick wired to RB4-7 for interrupt-on-change experiment
Extension port compatible with nRF905 & nRF24L01 wireless modules
Extension port compatible with SHT1X_BO temperature & humidity sensor
10k trimmer for ADC experiment
Latch device 74HC573D for port extension
2.54mm header for all 44 mcu pins for logic analyzer or DSO probe
Microchip ICD2 compatible
Microchip PICKit2 compatible
Accept 5V-7.5V (max.) external power supply or USB power
PCB: FR-4, 1.6mm, size: 135x89mm

Document & Software    

Doc 01

Schematic (Rev 4a)



Doc 02 A high-resolution picture 211KB  
Doc 03 User Guide (version 08092008) 1280 KB  
Doc 04 Hello World - Blink LED 17KB  
Doc 05 Driver for 2.4" TFT 262k color LCD 176KB  
Doc 06 Driver for 3.2" TFT 262k color LCD 170KB  
Doc 07 Joystick demo with 2.4" 262k TFT LCD 171KB  
Doc 08 Joystick demo with 3.2" 262k TFT LCD 165KB  
Doc 09 Display SHT10 sensor data on 2.4" TFT 168KB  
Doc 10 Display SHT10 sensor data on 3.2" TFT 185KB  
Doc 11 USB Mass Storage application 852KB  
Doc 12 Driver for 2.8" TFT 262k color LCD 125 KB  
Doc 13

Driver for 3.5" TFT color LCD &
CMOS Camera OV9650 (ver. 19012009)

204 KB
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Item description Development board for PIC18LF4550 (picture)
Part number PIC18LF4550-Eval-Rev 4A
Price HK$304.00
  This price doesn't include LCD, wireless module, nor SHT10
Freight charge US$6 for registered air parcel
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  2.8" 262k Color LCD module with Touch Panel (link)
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  SHT10 sensor (link)
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