Evaluation kit of Solomon SSD2805 MIPI Master Bridge

A MIPI display can be a smart watch, a wearable health monitoring device,
digital camera display, and more.
SSD2805 is a MIPI bridge for traditional processors.
This evaluation kit is all you need to start development with SSD2805.
Consists of three boards. Each of them can be used stand-alone for your
own project.
(Host) A 32-bit high performance microcontroller board (PIC32MX250F128D)
with preloaded demo.
(SSD2805) SSD2805 MIPI Bridge Breakout Board.
(LH154Q01) 1.54" MIPI Display Application Module with backlight circuit,
microSD socket, push buttons, and footprint for bluetooth module.
Important :
Demo preloaded in PIC32MX250F128D supports Command Mode only

Document & Software    

 Doc 01  User's Guide (read me first)  2,450 KB  
Doc 02 System Diagram 21 KB


Doc 03 PIC32MX250F128D Host Schematic 39 KB  
Doc 04 SSD2805 MIPI Bridge Schematic 45 KB  
Doc 05 LH154Q01 App. module Schematic 42 KB  
Doc 06 SSD2805 Advanced Information 414 KB  
Doc 07 SSD2805 App. Notes 1,537 KB  
Doc 08 1.54" LH154Q01 display module 261 KB  
Doc 09 Firmware in GitHub   link  
Doc 10 Gerber files of SSD2805 MIPI Bridge Breakout Board (PCB revision 27092013) 117 KB  


Item description Evaluation kit of Solomon Systech SSD2805 MIPI Master Bridge
Part number SSD2805MIPI_LH154Q_PIC32
  This kit has been replaced by MIPI-Touch DVK.
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Optional Items LH154Q01 1.54" MIPI Display
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