HDMI Shield for Arduino, mbed, & your MCU

HDMI Shield is an Arduino compatible development board to bridge the gap
between small MCUs and High Definition Televisions (HDTV).
Small MCUs prevalent in prototyping systems like Arduino or mbed normally
are not able to output high-bandwidth video signal for HDTVs.
HDMI Shield do it in two steps:
(1) use an external LCD controller (RA8876) to generate RGB video signal.
RA8876 supports multiple display buffers, picture-in-picture, 2D BitBlit engine,
DMA transfer for images preloaded in Serial Flash, and font rendering from
embedded character ROM or external Genitop serial character ROM.
RA8876 has released the burden of direct pixel rendering from the MCU.
With only few commands written by SPI/8080 parallel bus the full frame in a
resolution up to 1366*768 can be updated in an instant.
(2) RGB video generated by RA8876 is fed to a HDMI encoder CH7035B. With
its advanced scaling engine this chip can boost RGB signal in 8:8:8 to TMDS
signal up to 1920*1080 @ 60Hz (1080p) output through HDMI/DVI interface.
Video Channels:
Board features:
* Shield compatible with Arduino form factor for 3.3V systems
* LCD controller RA8876 generates RGB in 8:8:8 up to 1366*768
* HDMI encoder CH7035B with an advanced scaling engine supporting up to
1080p@60Hz HDMI/DVI output
* Compatible with SPI, 8080, or 6800 interface selectable by a dip switch
* Onboard 256Mbit SDRAM as frame buffer equivalent to storage of more
than 17 frames in 1280*720*16bit resolution
* Molex HDMI receptacle for direct connection to any HDTV or monitor.
* 256Mbit Serial Flash (W25Q256xxx) stores more than 17 pages of graphic
assets in binary format
* Font chip (GT21L16T1W) for 15x16 dots fonts in hardware
* Every HDMI Shield is bundled with a STM32F103VET6 driver board with
firmware preloaded, which is compatible with the official AP Software tool
downloadable from RAiO's web site. With this board you will find out the
display quality with a direct control on RA8876 out-of-the-box.
* Arduino library available from Github; fully tested on ESP8266, ESP32, DUE,
Arduino M0, Intel Genuino 101, and Teensy 3.2/3.5

Document & Software    

Doc 01  Getting Started Guide (read me first) 4.7 MB  
Doc 02 Schematic for AP connections 28 KB


Doc 03 Pinout diagram for Arduino Form Factor 689 KB
Doc 04 Schematic of STM32F103VET6 AP board 35 KB  
Doc 05 STM32F103VET6 USB Driver 285 KB
Doc 06 Schematic of Due Zipper Board 32 KB
Doc 07 Schematic of TeensyStacker board 20 KB  
Doc 08 Arduino library on GitHub
Doc 09 A simplified block diagram of HDMI Shield 446 KB


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